To find the most suitable brand for yourself, it is worth understanding by what criteria they are divided. Dermatologists generally recommend choosing a product based on your dermis type and level of sensitivity. If a person is prone to allergies, it is recommended to narrow the selection down to bottles that claim to contain substances “for sensitive skin”. And for those with oily skin, it is best to look among those cans that say “no oil”.

We advise you to study the composition. Really useful components: glycerin, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, esters and vitamins.

Little depends on the price. An inexpensive option is suitable for a woman who will provide proper care. And the other will have to choose an expensive everyday analogue, because the rest cannot cope with their tasks. Most often, drugs of the middle and high price category are of higher quality, since they have passed all the necessary studies and have more natural ingredients. But this does not mean that you cannot find a decent option in the budget segment.

Now the beauty industry can offer us all kinds of personal care products. We have prepared 10 of the best cheap and expensive facial moisturizers from cosmetologists – a rating of the best and simply high-quality products. This choice comes in handy when choosing a new bottle with anti-aging or natural ingredients, intense nourishment or light effect. We selected the models based on customer reviews, focusing on the price and merits of each option. Let’s see what to look for.

Many people think that washing, cleaning and removing makeup are one and the same thing. But in fact, it is impossible to completely cleanse the skin from both makeup (especially waterproof) and from dirt and grease with the help of the product. Makeup removers and cleansers solve several problems: the former remove makeup, the latter cleanse sweat, excess sebum, dust and external contaminants and cannot completely dissolve persistent make-up products. So, the first thing you need to do is remove your makeup, and then start washing.
You should not use a skin product if you have dry skin and a dry skin product if you have a combination. This will lead to the fact that the skin does not receive the necessary care. It would seem like an obvious advice, but many neglect it.

On the one hand, it is important to remove makeup completely as pores can be irritating. On the other hand, you need to act carefully, do not rub or stretch the skin. Do not forget to read the instructions for the products: for example, scrubs are not accidentally recommended to be used no more than twice a week, because too frequent use of products with exfoliating particles leads to irritation and dryness. The same is true with facial brushes – they can be used, but try to do it with minimal pressure on the skin. And remember to wash them thoroughly after use.