Before dyeing your hair, you should choose not only the color but also the color. They can be divided into four categories: light, physical and fitness. They vary in color, strength and depth of hair.

It is best to consult a professional hairstylist to buy the color, his sales consultant will help you choose the right color and date, which will reduce the damage to your hair.

Refreshes hair color. These are paints, foams, gels and masks. They wrap the outside of the hair with aluminum foil and do not dye their hair. These colors are identical parts and do not combine with them. They can’t lighten your hair, so the color will be darker or lighter.

Add skin to freshly washed hair. You can add them to your hair to give it a fun color and shade. Unfortunately, black hair is not subject to physical pigmentation, so we will need some light for a short time. The longer the hair color, the brighter and brighter.

We choose to paint, and it’s half the battle. The other half is the right substance.

Remember to keep safe: Gloves and morsels. Apply a rich cream and gel to the neck, neck and hair lines. They inhibit the ability of the skin.

If you do not know how to match your face and hair color, try the root. Dye a small part of your hair and check the results after 24 hours.
Add vitamin complexes or supplements to hair color combinations. You can buy them in specialty stores.
Add hair color to non-metallic bags and apply to hair immediately.
Divide the hair into four sections: the back of the head, two shorts and the front. Add to the back of the skin and place on the front. The back of the head has a low body temperature, which means that the whole process is going smoothly. Whiskey is the last color. Dye your hair from root to tip. Only read the exposure time after all the nutrients have been applied to the hair follicles.
Use Mickler water, alcohol or cleanser to clean the scalp, hands and neck.